Your True Essence

Beautiful Flower Wedding Retro BackgroundAll problems that you encounter are essentially one problem: separation from your true essence.

When you know who you really are you don't fall into any pre-ordained roles or ‘suffer' at the hands of destiny. You encounter every moment with full presence and engagement, you dynamically partner with life to shift your awareness into more. You clear the cobwebs of your thinking and own the power of your sensing.

Every challenge is an opportunity for a miracle. Marianne Williamson

Every problem is an opportunity to experience a shift. A shift from thinking to sensing; from feeling to knowing. Let the ball drop.

Let the miracle rearrange your thinking and realign your perception to what's true. When you suffer, you are not aligned with your True Essence. Experience the spiral of ever awakening awareness, where more ripples you into the miraculous paradigms of alivening partnership.

This is a magical time to be alive. This is the time we have all been waiting for. Everything is possible, if you will but open to the dynamic nature of your being. As you own the brilliance and beauty of your True Essence – and that of others – a new world arises and a New Earth is born.

Image: Zen, Kewl

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Conscious Energy Shift (12m)

  • Krista says:

    Thank you Adela, this is what I love about you. You are so talented at this. This is who you are, awakening others to who they are. Thank you.

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